Translation: From Drawings to Built Reality

After a contract between the contractor(s) and the owner is penned and the required permits are secured, construction can begin.

At this time, the “reigns” are handed over to the contractors on the job who go to work making the project take shape.  Your architect will be available for you throughout construction in order to aid the contractor in the successful translation of your project from drawings to finished space.  In all projects, there are situations that arise where interpretations of the documents will be required and/or changes may need to be made.  We will recommend and help administer any appropriate adjustments required to maintain the quality, economy, and the design integrity of your project.  We believe it is in the best interest of the construction project to build with the involvement of all parties to the project – owner, architect and contractor.  In every phase of the process, but particularly in this one, the benefits of timely and complete communication between all parties will be exponential.

While the scope of many residential projects may not warrant them, an architect can perform the following services throughout the construction phase of the project as required or needed:  periodically observe the progress and quality of the work, determine in general if the work is being performed in a manner that will be in accordance with the construction drawings when complete, respond to questions by phone or fax from the contractor, provide supplemental drawings as required, review shop drawings of project details submitted by the contractor, generate and distribute clarifications and minor changes to the construction drawings, assist consultants with construction administration duties, keep records of communications, review proposed changes to the construction drawings, coordinate owner provided items with construction, and generate project closeout documentation.  A menu of construction administration services will be reviewed with you at the beginning of the project to determine what is right for you and your project.

The truth is, that the construction process can bring moments of anxiety as well as excitement and exhilaration.  Your architect and builder have been through the process many times before and can help you manage it from start to finish.  The ultimate goal at gordon architecture inc. is to make the entire design and construction process a smooth one for you, which results in a project that is tailored specifically to you.

For a collection of video interviews that provide another take on this phase and the design process as a whole, check out the American Institute of Architects(AIA) page on How Design Works for You.